Dance Together

Creating a world of dance, inclusion and acceptance for all abilities.

Dance Together, inclusive dance, music


Dance Together is all about creating an inclusive environment for dancers and performers of all ages and skill levels.

It is a project of Rainbow Crossing Inc. whose primary objective is to provide a creative outlet through dance and the performing arts.

Dance Together offers personalised training, experienced instructors, and abundant opportunities for growth.


There are many benefits of dance for special needs students, regardless of their different abilities. These include (but certainly aren’t limited to):

  • Overall physical fitness
  • Improvements in flexibility, strength, and motor skills
  • An increase in confidence and self-esteem
  • An outlet for creativity and imagination
  • Excellent stress relief

 We firmly believe that EVERYONE can participate in dance and other performing arts!


Dance Together offers many performance opportunities throughout the year for our students to showcase their talents at a wide range of community events. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that individuals with special needs in our community have equal opportunities to flourish and showcase their creative potential.


Dance Together is led by professional dance instructors supported by volunteers.

Project director: Christy Laul MA, B.Ed, ATCL Trinity College London, is an educator with 30+ years of global experience in training people of all abilities for workshops & large stage productions.

Michaela Masters is a NSW State & National Champion in various forms of dance including hip hop, jazz, sports aerobics and contemporary, who delights in sharing her skills with others.

Cassidy Pearce has been dancing since the age of two, training in all styles; now channelling her passion for the arts into entertainment journalism, she remains excited about any opportunity to spread the joy of dance.

Kylee Bentham is Camden Citizen of the Year recognised for her lifelong commitment to volunteer work with initiatives that have brought together and supported people from all walks of life.

Brian Laul is an internationally recognised community advocate, mentor and theatre director. He is Campbelltown Citizen of the Year and South West Sydney’s Adult Volunteer of the Year.

Dance Together, inclusive dance, music


Dance Together is dedicated to fostering a fun and engaging atmosphere that encourages the imagination and creativity of our students to thrive.

Wheelchairs are forgotten as students push their physical boundaries, muscles are stretched to their limits, and dance becomes a medium for enhancing social skills and confidence.

In this art form, speech is not a requirement, making it accessible for everyone.


Choose from sessions every Tuesday during the school term.

Juniors: 5:00 – 5:45pm | Seniors: 6:15 – 7:15pm

Venue: Oz Funland, 2/11 Hollylea Rd, Leumeah 2560

For further details, call 4626 7777 or email rainbowcrossing@outlook.com



2/11 Hollylea Rd, Leumeah NSW 2560. Australia

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